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Anna Baker, LMT MMP

Anna Baker Rockwall Medical MassageAnna started Rockwall Medical Massage in order to work collaboratively with Rockwall’s medical community to maximize her client’s health and well-being. In 1996, she graduated from Massage Resources in Dallas. Over the years she studied many modalities including cranio-sacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, medical massage, orthopedic, prenatal, reflexology, sports massage, Thai massage, and visceral manipulation. Anna is also certified in the Chikly Method of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and ACE massage cupping and medicupping.

She spent the beginning of her career working with doctors and chiropractors. After moving to Rockwall she worked at Every Body Massage with a great group of therapists. In 2009, she began working with kids with spasticity disorders. Although she had never worked with this population before, she learned there is a big need for therapists willing to serve kids in outlying areas. In order to grow as a therapist and serve her clients better, she completed 300 hours of training in medical massage as well as an internship at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas.

Telisa HoltTelisa Dené Holt, LMT MMP MI

Telisa Dené Holt has been practicing massage since 2001. In 2005 she became a massage instructor. She specializes in deep tissue, fibromyalgia, hot stones, medical massage, myofascial release, neck and shoulder release, prenatal, reflexology, sports, therapeutic, and TMJ. She is certified in the Raindrop massage, ACE massage cupping and medicupping, and the Chikly Method of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. She is also Upledger Institute Certified as a practitioner in Craniosacral Therapy.





Marisa Alonso Rockwall Medical MassageMarisa Alonso, LMT MMP

Marisa became a massage therapist in 2005. She is certified in deep tissue, hot stone, medical massage, myofascial release, prenatal, Raindrop therapy, reflexology, Thai massage, TMJ, and Trigger Point Therapy. She is also certified in the Chikly Method of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy & ACE massage cupping and medicupping. Marisa has worked in Chiropractic offices. She has extensive training in orthopedic massage with special classes in working with the anterior neck and treating thoracic outlet syndrome. Marisa is also bilingual, speaking Spanish and English fluently.


Amy Weber, LMT MMP Reiki

Amy Weber LMT CST MMP Reiki - Rockwall Medical MassageAmy became a massageprofessional in 2004. She is certified in deep tissue, medical massage, myofascial release, sports massage, and trigger point therapy. She is also Upledger Institute Certified as a practitioner in Craniosacral Therapy. For 6 years of her career, she practiced under a chiropractor in a post-surgical and injury rehabilitation clinic. She also studied aromatherapy and is a Young Living Essential oil distributor. To complement her practice she has studied the subtle art of Reiki energy healing, achieving level 3. This practice reduces blockages and supports the natural flow of our body’s energy centers.


Kristen Porter, LMT

Over Kristen’s years of massage practice, she feels blessed to do what she loves, enjoying the opportunity to work with wonderful doctors, chiropractors and other massage therapists. By synergizing numerous modalities including the use of LaserTouchOne, she aims to provide a custom massage to fit each individual’s needs with the goal of helping clients reach maximum functionality and freedom from pain. Kris also enjoys working with animals, having received Advanced Certification in Equine Sports Massage with Don Doran of Animal Dynamics in Ocala, Florida in 1999. She is also certified in ACE massage cupping and medicupping.


Tina Rizzo, LMT

Tina graduated in 2001 from Hands on Therapy School of Massage in Mesquite TX. In 2004, she became a massage instructor and continuing education provider dedicating many years of teaching massage in the school setting. She has worked with many doctors, chiropractors and wellness centers. Through therapeutic care for client’s needs, she brings more of a integrative approach to massage.

She specializes in medical massage modalities like cupping, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, sports, thoracic outlet syndrome, TMJ – dysfunction, and trigger point. Her relaxing approach includes hot stones, Lomi Lomi Massage, prenatal, rain drop therapy, reflexology, or Swedish. To her, it’s about reviving the body, quieting the mind and relaxing the spirit.

Daniel Kropp, LMT

Danny’s passion for sports lead him into the massage world. Having to rehabilitate injuries himself, he found that massage therapy played a big role in his recovery. He is a Texas Tech alumni and he attended Texas Center for Massage.

Throughout his 6 year career, he has continued to take classes while working at well established franchises. Some of his favorite modalities include deep tissue, myofacial releasing, trigger point therapy and sports massage. The majority of his continued education as well as his medical massage classes have all been hands on training.

Leigh McLaughlin, LMT

Leigh has spent the last 15 years of her life pursuing a passion for health, fitness, wellness, and the human body. She has been a practitioner and teacher in martial arts, kettlebells, weightlifting, and yoga, and strongly believes that massage therapy is a critical part of overall health and wellness.

As a graduate of Hands On Approach School of Massage, Leigh focuses on deep tissue massage and body mechanics. She specializes in working with athletes and active adults, teenagers heavily involved in school and club athletics, and executives in high-stress jobs that want an integrative approach to their health and overall wellness.